Planetside 2 Beta Coming Within a Month

Planetside 2 is an upcoming Sci-Fi MMOFPS that has fans of the original title at the edge of their seats. With a few different gameplay videos, hands-on time at E3, and various developer diaries, players have had every question answered but one; when’s the beta? Now, Executive Producer Josh Hackney is here to answer your prayers, sort of. In the first episode of a new series of developer diaries, Josh talks about the upcoming beta. Watch Command Center Episode 1 below.

So there we have it, within the next month we should begin seeing players accepted into the beta. The 21 minute long episode of Command Center also offers a bunch of other new pieces of information, and is well worth the watch. Don’t worry, it’s not just old content we’ve already seen rehashed, there’s new juicy info in there. I had a chance to see Planetside 2 in action at E3 2012, and if what I have experienced so far is anything to go by, you will definitely be upset if you miss out on the beta. Stay tuned for more information!

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