PlanetSide 2 Breaks World Record

Earlier this month, Sony Online Entertainment and the community site Planetside Battles made plans to break a Guinness world record. The attempt was originally announced on the official community forums, and the player base responded with an excited fervor. On January 24th, the Planetside 2 community had managed to achieve its goal and became the Guinness World Record holder for Most participants in an online FPS battle.

Planetside2 world record

Source: Planetside 2 Twitter

The Guinness defines the record as the “greatest number of players simultaneously (in one single instance) in one server on an online FPS (First-Person Shooter) video game.”  The previous record was set at 999 participants, held by Man Vs Machine in 2012. The signup sheet allowed for 1100 players, but an extra 58 showed up anyway.

Planetside Battles has published their final battle report. During the fight there were a total of 53,729 kills, 3,822  of those were team kills and 31 based were captured. There are a bunch of community videos of the event over on the Planetside 2 Sub Reddit. One of the players in the event who goes by WaffleX, made a great video of the event. We have included it below and we feel it’s worth your time.

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