PlanetSide 2 Introduces New Melee Weapons

Sony Online Entertainment has released its newest update for PlanetSide 2. The new patch adds melee weapons and new turrets for the engineer class. Each Kingdom gets its own unique knife. In contract to the default, the specialty knife attacks slower but has an alternate attack mode which produces increased damage and stunning visual effects. For more information on the new PlanetSide 2 update, please visit the official website for complete details.


Wieldable Knives

  • Knives can now be wielded by holding down the quick knife button or via gear slot 8. In general a wielded knife can swing faster than the quick knife.
  • Knife hit detection has been adjusted to be more precise. Knives can now get head shots and will play impact effects on the surface they hit.
  • A new knife has been added to each empire. They are slower to equip and swing than the default knife, but when wielded, they can be activated by switching fire modes. When activated, these deal increased damage and emit audio and visual effects.

Spitfire Turrets

  • The new Spitfire Auto-Turret is now available for engineers. Located in their ability slot, the engineer can construct a Spitfire Auto-Turret that will automatically engage hostile infantry within 50 meters.
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