Planetside 2: ServerSmash, Waterson vs. Mattherson

BLUF (bottom line up front):  PS2 Pickup hosted a 240v240 ServerSmash event (Waterson vs. Mattherson). Mattherson wonRules. YouTube video Part 1Part 2Part 3Full Twitch videoPlayer points of view. The server who won was supposed to keep their name after the two server’s merged, but Sony ended up calling the merged server “Emerald.”  The match peaked at 2,078 Twitch viewers when it was streamed live…

PS2 Pickup (PS2P) hosted a scrimmage between Waterson (USE) vs. Mattherson (USE). It was played on the Planetside 2‘s Test Server (PTS), on Esamir. This match featured a continent-wide battle. Waterson played as Terran Republic and Mattherson played as Vanu Sovereignty. Both sides brought five platoons (240 players) to the fight. No inject was added.  The greatest moment in PC gaming history.

ZoranTheBear also gave out four EXP codes to players and viewers during the match. The first code went out to RolandoStar, who commented “FALCON PUNCH ME THE CODE” first to a reddit thread.  The second code went out to @motionimages, who was the third person to tweet “GET REKT THANKS FOR CODE #SERVERSMASH” to Zoran. The last two were given to the two server force commanders, KomradVirtunov and MasterChaif.

Planetside 2

Planetside 2

Participating Outfits


  • [XOO] Xen of Onslaught
  • [PREY] WTFux
  • [TIW] The Iron Wolves
  • [H4TZ] H4T
  • [S0VU] Sovereignty Vult
  • [TAG3] Stage 3
  • [D3RP] Derp Company
  • [VREV] Vanu Revolution
  • [DVS] DVS Gaming
  • [RMAR] Republic Marines
  • [0PTR] Sunshine Delivery Service
  • [ECUS] Last Steel Legion
  • [RCN6] Recon Team Six
  • [3GIS] Aegis Initiative
  • [F4RM/ARC] Nanite Systems/Arc Engineering
  • [W5KY] Whisky Legion
  • [DD12] The Dirtiest Dozen
  • [DAWN] Quantum Dawn
  • [BRIT] Let the Brit Drop
  • [RTIL] Artillery
  • [DFC] Darkfire Company
  • [ODMN] Opposition Be Damned
  • [PHX] Phoenix Batallion
  • [HSTL] Hostile Paradigm
  • [QPRO] Quiet Professionals
  • [Lone Wolf] RHINO_MKII
  • [C150] Conspicuous


  • [NNG] NoNonsenseGamers
  • [BAX] Black Arrows
  • [903] 903rd Marauders
  • [GOTR] Ghosts of the Revolution
  • [V] Vindicators
  • [GOKU] Earth’s Special Forces
  • [S5S] Super Serious
  • [CML] Clan Magnus Legio
  • [SVO] Subversive Oppression
  • [AC] Always Cheating
  • [1TR] 1st Terran Rangers
  • [VCO] Voodoo Company Shipping
  • [BWC] Black Widow Company
  • [VG] Validus Gamers
  • [SG] Sturmgrenadier
  • [TAS] The Ascended
  • [HAYA] Hayabusa
  • [DA] Das Anfall
  • [TG] Tactical Gamers
  • [AOD] Angels of Death

Force Commander

  • MasterChaif

Force Commander

  • KomradeVirtunov


Summary of the Match

Compliments of Garem, leader of Artillery (RTIL), a Waterson TR outfit. Thank you for the summary!

The ServerSmash battle began with the the clash of the air forces – a stream of over fifty pilots in bombers and fighters clashing overhead of the Ymir Biolab, an encapsulated neutral ground where both sides sent sizable infantry forces to hinder the opponent from taking the high-point target. While the Waterson air would take control of the skies after first blood, the Mattherson forces would ultimately take and hold Ymir until the end of the match – a huge factor contributing to their eventual victory.

Just south of the neutral middle zone and northwest of Ymir, a platoon of Waterson soldiers captured the defensible Octagon uncontested and the valuable Tech Plant shortly thereafter, giving them what appeared to be a double victory – a high point target and access to heavy battle tanks. This helped them immensely towards the middle of the match as their heavy tanks pushed forward capturing several smaller territories – holding a thirteen point lead at one point with several small regions in the middle of the continent. Relying on infantry, the Mattherson forces used rapid deployment techniques to move large numbers of troops to effectively harry the advancing Waterson troops, reducing their heavy tank advantage. This tactic aided Mattherson as they forced Waterson out of the third and final neutral high value target, Freyr Amp Station.

With heavy tanks and dominant skies, however, victory seemed all but certain for the Waterson players up until the final fifteen minutes. With an astounding counterattack against multiple territories catching Waterson off-balance, Mattherson forces pushed back and regained lost ground in rapid succession with incredible infantry coordination. The last few minutes boiled down to Mattherson’s ability to wrestle away two of the most defensible bases from Waterson – The Octagon and the Esamir Munitions Corp. towers. Capturing just one would determine the outcome.

Despite impressively resilient attacks on foot and by air, Mattherson failed to capture the Octagon as the Waterson air forces overwhelmed the resource-poor Mattherson pilots. Yet a rapid Mattherson redirection to the twin towers of the Munitions Corp. doomed the Waterson forces trying to break out of their besieged tower. The 500 players crashed upon one another in bloody close-quarters combat within the towers. Mattherson held firm their siege lines and won the day in overtime.


Credit Where Credit Is Due

Negator and RoyAwesome organized the Mattherson server. MasterChaif organized the Waterson server. Fara and OdinsPride were the force behind the event. Fara created the schedule/rules. Lanzer and Allelujah were the event hosts. Redolent created the flyover videoSteelDragon created the PS2 Pickup ServerSmash graphicFara from INIcast and OdinsPride were commentators for the event. A big thank you to Luperza, RadarX, and Higby for facilitating this and supported it from the Sony side. Shaql and friends were the fun police.

You can download the PTS client here.

You can watch the entire match below in the embed YouTube video. It was streamed in 1080p, so be sure to watch it in all of its glory. If you are interested in Planetside-wide pickup matches that happen every week, join the PS2P forums, connect with subreddit (/r/ServerSmash), and hop on their Teamspeak (  If you are interested in ServerSmash, contact your server rep, which you can locate in the subreddit.

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