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How to play No Man’s Sky

Although No Man’s Sky has received a lot of attention lately, there hasn’t been very much information on the direction that players are supposed to take.

no mans sky

The good thing is, that’s kind of the point. There’s no official storyline or path that players are required to follow in No Man’s Sky. Of course, that would be a difficult thing to do with such a massive amount of procedurally generated planets and other objects to interact with. What players can do is explore and interact to their hearts’ content.

There are indigenous creatures on planets that can either be friendly or very dangerous. The first person to discover locations or lifeforms can name them and let the whole universe know. Resources can be harvested and traders can be taken advantage of, but every action has a reaction. A robotic race, called the Sentinels, looks to keep balance in the universe and destructive actions towards a planet will make them hostile towards players. Attack one too many traders and the police might place a bounty on your head.

There’s no one way to play No Man’s Sky, there are a million. The way each player chooses to play will ultimately decide their experience in the game.

Here are some highlights of a recent blog from Hello Games:

  • There are 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 planets in the universe. If you visit each one for a single second, it will take you 585 billion years.
  • The sheer size of the universe means that everyone is going to be super far apart, and it’s super unlikely that people will even visit the same planets.
  • Everything exists for a reason, and is governed by maths.
  • There are no cutscenes or characters, but there is a big objective: get to the centre of the universe.
  • Be the first to visit a planet, or be the first to scan a species of creature, and you will be recorded as its discoverer when you upload it at a beacon for all the world to see.
  • Few planets will be dense with plant life and animals. Most will be barren, but even barren planets can be sources of great wealth.
  • Every distant object on the horizon is a real place that you can go to.

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