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Play With Toys in World of Tanks

Just in time for the holiday season, World of Tanks is rolling out a new way to play with a Christmas-themed battleground.

Starting on December 24, the festive Toy Tank Mode will be unleashed on Xbox One and Xbox 360 gamers. This new World of Tanks mode will put players in command of tiny, glossy remote control tanks and will be available through December 27.

A change of scenery from standard tank warfare, Toy Tank Mode offers a more playful way to battle against your friends in a custom holiday garage, where miniaturized toy tanks navigate around a battlefield of presents. Traversing through toy-made ramps, blocks and gifts, tankers will enjoy an experience like no other, where every aspect of the game including crew voices has been scaled down for lighthearted tank encounters.”

The toy tanks are modeled after the French Tier V BDR G1 B and come loaded with a turret that fires section cup darts, which will attached the any enemy tanks successfully hit.


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Our Thoughts:

The living room on Christmas morning is definitely a change of scenery from the usual rugged terrains featured in World of Tanks. If blowing up tiny tanks doesn’t get you in the holiday spirit, I don’t know what will.

Source: Wargaming

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