Play with the Mytheon DEVs in a special 1-hour event!

Play with the Mytheon DEVs in a special 1-hour event!

Mytheon is holding a special 1-hour Closed beta event tonight (Thursday Jan 28). They would love it

if you could head on over and sign up for an account and play against the makers of the game! Thanks in advance and we look forward to seeing MMOHub players tonight!

Subject: MYTHEON EVENT!! Play against the creators Thursday, Jan. 28! (That’s TONITE!)

Details: Mytheon is going to have their very

first Event today, Thursday Jan. 28 in Mytheon.

What: Mytheon is going to be hosting an event where players will get to play with members of the Petroglyph

and True Games Interactive team. We need everyone to help really work this game over and spend time with us.

Where: Mytheon —œ in game


(this is for setting

up a NEW USER account)

Time: Between 8pm -9pm CST (6-7 PM Pacific)

Reward: During 8pm and 9pm CST we will randomly

choose 25 people in the game who will have their choice of an XL Petroglyph or True Games Interactive T-Shirt (make sure your email is correct so we can contact

you). We will send out the T-Shirts to winners during the Open Beta of Mytheon.

Let all rally together have fun!

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