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Players Make First Contact in Elite Dangerous

For the past several months, intrepid explorers of Elite Dangerous have been finding traces of an alien presence, and the developers have been teasing the existence of alien life in the game. As of yesterday, players have shared instances of first contact in Elite Dangerous with this alien lifeform.


The first moment of contact was recorded by an Xbox player by the name of DP Sayre, which was confirmed by Elite to be legitimate through a tweet. The 58 second clip shows a starship of alien origin apparently scanning the player’s shut down craft, then warping out from the area. Another player has posted a video on YouTube of his contact, which shows him being pulled out of Frame Shift Drive before having a similar experience with a ship of the same design.

Popular speculation is that the ships are Thargoid in origin, which have been a threat in the Elite series for years. While the behavior of the ships appears to be benign enough, popular assumption is that the craft being found are scout ships, and they are likely not scouting for friends. “They are here, and all bets are off,” writes one player.

The video of one such encounter can be seen below, with the interdiction starting at approximately 7:35.

Our Thoughts

…whoa. Just…whoa. The introduction of the Thargoids in Elite Dangerous has easily got to be one of the most harrowing discoveries in online gaming yet. The fact that this race is able to interfere with ships in mid-warp is terrifying enough, but the fact that they very casually do so, scan, and then float away is even more chilling. Needless to say, we’re excited by this new development.

Your Thoughts

What are your thoughts about the Thargoids? Does this new discovery make you curious about Elite Dangerous? Have you run in to an alien ship yourself? Tell us below!

Source: Eurogamer

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