PlayerUnknown Wants More Protection from ‘Copycats’

It would appear that Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene continues to hold some opinions about PUBG copycats, stating his desire for more protections against games he feels rip off the work of others in order to see growth in the battle royale genre.

PUBG copycats

Speaking on the BBC Radio 1 Gaming Show, Greene said that he feels IP protections for games are non-existent, leading to boredom from players and a lack of growth for new game genres like battle royale to flourish.

“Someone else takes the idea, has a marketing budget, and suddenly has a popular game because they ripped off someone else’s idea. In movies and music there is IP protection and you can really look after your work. In gaming that doesn’t exist yet, and it’s something that should be looked into.”

Greene also repeated statements he made during an AMA in September that he wants more devs to put their own spin on any battle royale games they make. “If it’s just copycats down the line, then the genre doesn’t grow and people get bored,” said Greene.

Ultimately, Greene believes that IP protections similar to those employed by the music and movie industry would benefit games, as he feels game development is a form of art and that game creators should enjoy the same protection.

Our Thoughts

As we said before in the prior story regarding Bluehole Inc’s complaints about Fortnite BR, we’re pretty sure that PUBG is a copycat of H1Z1, though admittedly with enough spins to perhaps absolve it of Greene’s definition of a ripoff.

That said, our stance is pretty much the same as before: when you become the new standard, there are going to be a lot of publishers and game devs who will want to chase the Hot New Money. Ideally, though, there will be enough innovation from game to game to make the battle royale genre not feel cookie-cutter. Like Maelstrom.

Source: BBC Newsbeat

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