Polar Voxels: Trove Unveils Ice Sage Trailer


What’s cooler than being cool? Ice Cold.

What’s better than the Candy Barbarians patron God of Eis-Crom?  Not much actually, that’s pretty funny.

A new trailer has landed for the cool magic user in Trove, the Ice Sage

It could have been nothing but Frozen puns and worse for the Ice Sage, but that would be iceactly what you would expect.

Announced last month, the Ice Sage is available on the in game store for Trove and comes with interesting little ice magic effects such as:

Coldhearted (Passive): Basic attacks will blast enemies with icicles, applying a chilling slow effect. Additionally, you will never slide when walking on ice.

Ice Crash: Conjure and release an enormous icicle high above your enemies, then watch as they are caught in its deadly descent!

Frozen Ward: This powerful magic completely absorbs the next incoming attack. Your icy immunity also imbues you with a speed boost while active!

The Big Chill (Ultimate): Explode in an intense focused blast of frigid magic, freezing and damaging enemies caught in your wintry wake.

Trove is available now via Glyph from Trion Worlds. If the voxels find their way into your heart, there is a limited time bonus running in the in game store. Buying credits until January 26th will give you bonus Pinatas. Details here.

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