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Pratchett Will Be Remembered in the Elite: Dangerous Stars

With the devastating news of the passing of Sir Terry Pratchett last week, he becomes the next beloved icon to become memorialized in the stars of Elite: Dangerous as Frontier adds a starport called ‘Pratchett’s Disc’ in today’s patch 1.2.05. A lovely nod towards the long-running Discworld series of satirical fantasy books in which the world was simply called ‘the Disc’ due to its odd shape.

Pratchett's Disc in Elite: Dangerous - - Your source for MMOs & MMORPGs

Meanwhile, a group of Redditors have started up a campaign to memorialize Pratchett via a string of code which embeds the words “GNU Terry Pratchett” into a website’s header in a reference to his 33rd Discworld novel, Going Postal. In the book, a message was sent through “the Clacks”, a reference to the telegraph, when somebody died with the letters ‘GNU’ and then the name. G meaning ‘send the message on’, N ‘do not log the message’, and U ‘turn the message around at the end of the line and send it back again’. With this line of code, the Redditors plan to keep Pratchett’s name alive within the code of the internet. And now his name can live on within the star system of Elite: Dangerous.

To quote the man himself: “A man is not dead while his name is still spoken.”


Source: Elite: Dangerous patch notes

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