Pre-Download ELOA today for next week’s Open Beta launch!

If you haven’t had the chance to play Webzen’s latest Hack ‘n’ Slash MMORPG ELOA, get ready for the Open Beta round starting on the 17th of November. Starting today you can pre-download the client on the official ELOA website: http://eloa.webzen.com/. The Open Beta will introduce players to the adventure through the vast world of ELOA: Elite Lord of Alliance!


Who is this Elite Lord?

That might be you!

Set in a continent called Epheia, players of ELOA will take on the roles of warriors in the middle of the War of the Titan Clan Invasion. Each player can join the Alliance of one of the races that exist in the continent, the Kartu, Liru, Sapiens and Naru. Through this fierce battle and growth, players will be reborn as a legendary “Elite Lord”, and finally awaken their real power. The game will also include the story of the Elite Lord. After becoming an Elite Lord, players will fight with new enemies and guide Epheia towards peace and stability. Isn’t that something worth working hard for?

ELOA: Elite Lord of Alliance

This game promises epic anime action, besides who doesn’t like to be chased around by a skeletal dragon?


ELOA: Elite Lord of Alliance gives way to the road towards heroism with familiar action RPG controls, 5 playable classes and 4 playable races. They switch things around by allowing three combat stances which can be tactically switched mid-combat to allow for quick action-filled gameplay. Experience a vibrant open world full of PvP battles, quests and dungeon raids, a handy party-finder and extensive wardrobe arrangements complete with epic gear, costumes and pets to suit all your needs.

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