Pre-Orders of Battle for Azeroth Include Allied Race Unlocks

You read right, Azeroth devotees ready to slap Blizzard with their wallets without a passing thought: Battle for Azeroth pre-orders are going to be a thing (unsurprisingly) and they will confer upon you the ability to start the process of unlocking some of the expansion’s Allied Races (perhaps a bit more surprisingly).

battle for azeroth pre-orders

Those who decide to buy into the next expansion for WoW will be granted a level 110 character token and the ability to begin the recruitment process for the Highmountain Tauren, Void Elves, Nightfallen Elves and Lightforged Draenei. Details and timing for the other Allied Race unlocks are yet to be revealed as of this writing.

The question of whether or not these unlocks are confirmed to be account-wide has been answered: Allied Race unlocks are confirmed account-wide according to today’s Q&A. Players will get to play from level 20 to 110 and earn unique Heritage Armor in the process as well.

Battle for Azeroth will offer a standard edition at $50 and a digital deluxe edition at $70 which will include in-game items for Warcraft, StarCraft II, Overwatch, Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm. Overwatch has already shared a forum post detailing what Overwatch players will get, including Tracer emotes, Torbjorn voice lines, and several sprays and icons.

Ready to do that whole wallet slapping thing? Then you’re now welcome to do so if you choose.

Our Thoughts

And thus the hype train begins to pull out of the station. Between this and the Q&A session, we expect talk surrounding Battle for Azeroth to hit a fever pitch for the next few days or so. The question remains, then; which Allied Race are you going to unlock first?

Sources: VentureBeat, Overwatch forums, Blizzard Shop

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