PUBG Confirms its Xbox One Launch Date

It feels like most battle royale games are in a state of perpetual early access, but we can now at least check PUBG off of that dubious list. The shooter’s devs have confirmed that a PUBG Xbox One release date has been officially tied down, granting a date for the shooter to transform from Xbox One Game Preview into full-on released product.

pubg xbox one release date

PUBG will be stepping out of the Xbox console’s early access program on Tuesday, September 4th. The launch build will naturally be numbered as update 1.0, which will bring the Sanhok map to the console edition along with War Mode, a team deathmatch mode complete with ally reviving and respawning mechanics. 1.0 will also carry Achievements earned during the Game Preview version over to live, so no progress is lost for those who are looking to tick all those achievement boxes.

Of course, 1.0 will also introduce a bit of monetization to the mix in the form of the Battle Pass: Sanhok and in-game currency to purchase cosmetic items. Those who purchase the physical version of the game will also be getting some exclusive cosmetics and equipment themed around the Xbox One. As for what’s in the Battle Pass, details on that front are expected later.

There’s also a limited edition Xbox One controller that will be up for pre-order today and releasing to store shelves on October 30th.

Our Thoughts

Well, it’s about stinkin’ time, eh? The second largest battle royale shooter is finally making its way to a full release on Xbox. Here’s hoping that the Sanhok Battle Pass isn’t too disappointing this time around.

Source: IGN

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