PUBG Patch Addresses Xbox One Performance Issues

The very first Xbox One PUBG patch has been issued earlier today. According to the patch notes, the update directly looks to attack performance issues that have plagued the battle royale shooter’s arrival to the console along with a number of other minor tweaks.

xbox one pubg patch

According to the patch notes, the new update is a first pass at optimization for the game, with unspecified visual and performance improvements introduced and slightly improved anti-ailiasing on the Xbox One and Xbox One S versions.

“We take listening and reacting to our player base seriously, and we will work with our community to find opportunity to continually improve the player experience while in ‘XGP’ and beyond,” reads the opening of the patch notes.

The new patch also introduces some minor adjustments to things like animation, UI, and other bug fixes. You can read up on the full patch notes here.

Our Thoughts

There are few things more acidic than a competitive player scorned, so here’s hoping that this “first pass” of optimization introduces a noted improvement. Are you playing PUBG on Xbox One? Has this patch helped out your experience? Be sure to share your impressions with us below.

Source: official forums

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