PvP Possibly Coming to Pokemon GO by Year’s End

By all accounts, Pokemon GO has been doing a pretty okay job of adding social features to make the mobile title a little more like its series’ namesake. One feature, however, has been missing for some time: Pokemon GO PvP. However, if Niantic has their way, that gap could be filled by the end of 2018.

pokemon go pvp

In an interview with Gram, a Polish gaming website, Niantic’s head of product marking for the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region Anne Beuttenmüller stated that the company is already at work on a PvP feature as the next update due to arrive to the game. The hope is to have things sorted out and released by the end of this year.

Beuttenmüller also mentioned the devs of Pokemon GO are working on a number of features to refine the game’s recently added trading features, including the ability to add notes to friends and arrange friends on your list into groups.

While a release date or release timeline for the game’s PvP feature was not provided in the interview, the work being done by the game’s team is part of a stated renewed focus on Pokemon GO’s various social features. “It’s all about friends,” Beuttenmüller is quoted as saying in the piece.

Our Thoughts

We suspect that a 2018 release might be rushing things a bit, unless work on this new feature has been ongoing for longer than assumed. In any case, we do hope this upcoming PvP feature will be as engaging and tactical as current PvP battles in the Pokemon games are, or at the very least will be close enough without making things too simple. Part of the fun of Pokemon battling with others is the almost chess-like strategy.

Source: Gram via Eurogamer

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