Ragnarok Online Unveils New Systems

Ragnarok Online is an extremely popular Free to Play Fantasy MMORPG that is currently celebrating the ‘Season of Updates’ these holidays. To kick off celebrations in time for Thanksgiving, RO has received three new systems to make life easier for players. Ragnarok heard you like hats, so they put a hat in your hat so you can hat while you hat. A costume tab has been added, allowing players to wear a preferred piece of headgear from the Kafra Shop over the top of their equipped headgear. The headgear comes in a box, meaning players can trade and sell them in-game. Once a hat is taken out of the box however, it becomes account bound.

MMO Games Ragnarok Online Screenshot

In addition, players will no longer be required to search through countless player stores to find the item they seek. A street stall search function has been added to the game allowing players to find the items they are looking for without taking a step. Have you ever been troubled with not knowing how long until an MVP respawns? How much easier would it be if you knew so you could go complete other tasks and know exactly when to return? This is all entirely possible now, MVPs will drop a gravestone on the ground upon death. This gravestone will state the time of death and the player who killed the MVP. All these systems are live in the game now with the latest update.

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