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Read All About It: July 12, 2015

Just because the work week stops on Friday doesn’t mean the news necessarily does. This is why we’re starting a weekend edition of the news that compiles the most important MMO information from around the Internet that we either didn’t get to the week prior or has come to light over the weekend.


With the upcoming Warcraft movie planning to hit theaters June 10th, 2016, it’s surprising that we haven’t seen much footage from Blizzard yet. This weekend, at San Diego Comic-Con, director Duncan Jones finally revealed that the first public trailer will be made available this November. At the Warcraft panel there were discussions regarding the direction the film plans to take, and apparently it’s going to take place during the early conflict between orcs and humans.

This means that it won’t be a typical good vs evil scenario, which we’ve seen way too much of recently in World of Warcraft, but instead the conflict will feature heroes from both sides and a very grey area between what’s right and wrong. The story will be told from both sides as the orcs invade Azeroth when their food supply runs short. The humans, on the other hand, believe it’s their right to defend their homeland from the invaders. It’s likely that the main focus will be on Lothar and Durotan as both were featured on the comic-con exclusive posters.

world of warcraft lothar

San Diego Comic-Con exclusive artwork.


Roberts Space Industries has promised gamers pretty much everything; a persistent, sandbox space MMORPG, a first-person shooter, and arena-style combat, but the longer this multi-million dollar project takes to get off the ground, the more skeptical fans become. This week we finally saw some updates to the FPS project known as Star Marine. According to senior producer Jason Hutchins, the current focus on Star Marine is to develop core gameplay mechanics and character movement.

A few notes of progress included: updated launcher, juke/start/stop run animations complete, working cover system, improved prone animations, new concept components for the ATT-4 Laser Rifle, re-integration of the HUD crosshair reticle, and deployable gadgets/grenades are now supported. Another big improvement is the addition of the Free Play Practice mode, which will allow a free-for-all mode on the Gold Horizon map. This will be featured in next week’s internal playtest.

While these improvements were a step forward for Star Marine, there are still a few issues that need to be resolved. Major problems include non-functioning melee attacks, weapon recoil issues, and hit reaction bugs.

star marine

Star Marine looks to update its weaponry.


The newest class in Tera includes a melee brawler that speaks with fists, rather than words. Not much information has been released as of yet, but what we do know is that it’ll be using heavy armor. The name of the class and whether it will be race/gender locked is still unknown. This will mark the 11th class in the game and should come with a major content update sometime later this year.

The skill list is currently only available on the official Korean site, but there are indications that this will be a female-only class due to the lore only mentioning “girls” (through the use of a translator). Based on the listed talents, it looks like this upcoming class will be an AOE-oriented tank with a number of taunt, wide-area damage and defensive abilities. There are also indications that players will be able to use protective and offensive skills simultaneous and perform aerial combos, however, there could also be something misinterpreted in translation. Below is a first-look video for the newest class in Tera.


Those still contemplating whether or not to invest in Shroud of the Avatar will have a little more incentive starting this weekend. All pledgers will receive a 10% bonus to their Store Credit for any purchases between July 10 and August 31, 2015. Additionally, certain pledge options will expire at the end of the summer bonus including:

  • Select Pledges (including their specific rewards):
    • $220 Patron Pledge
    • $375 Navigator Pledge
    • $450 Developer Pledge
  • Signed physical goods (Patron pledge and above)
  • Home and basement stacking (Ancestor pledge and above)
  • Secondary lots (Lord pledge and above)

Developers are also looking to expand the gameplay of larger creatures in the game. This week trolls were featured and are said to include wide area-of-effect smash attacks and long-distance boulder strikes. Speaking of developers, Shroud of the Avatar is currently looking for a World Builders and VFX artist.


In order to prepare for next Sunday’s playtest, Das Tal has improved a number of aspects in the game. The first improvement comes in the form of small, open-world events. Two of these include meteor landing sites and abandoned caravans, which players will be alerted to when they spawn. These events will spawn randomly around the map and offer a wide-variety of treasure. This brings the total events to 30 small, 6 medium, and 3 large events, but more are expected to come in the future.

Das Tal

Das Tal combine MOBA combat with an MMORPG experience.

In an attempt to clean up UI functionality, Das Tal has upgraded from DarkonForgeGUI to Unity’s integrated UI. This has currently only been a technical overhaul and more updates regarding both usability and visual design are expected at a later date. Adjustments have also been made to player movement. Terrain will now impact a player’s speed, such as roads increasing speed while bushes decreasing it.

Das Tal will now feature two streams per month: one general Q&A and another highlighting design and technical changes. The next stream will take play on July 15, 2015. Those looking to get directly involved with the game will be able to check out the next playtest on Sunday July 19, 2015. The major focus will be on server performance, fixing bugs, and testing out the newest features. Furthermore, a flood of additional beta codes were sent out this weekend, so be sure to check your email for details.

That’s it for this weekend. For more on MMOs, stay tuned to MMOGames.com.

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