World of Warcraft Murlocs in Space

If there weren’t already enough Murloc infested waters between World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm, a modder in a completely unrelated game has created an exact replica of Blizzard’s beloved amphibious creature. In a long-forgotten, alien creation simulator called Spore, modder Rebecca1208 has recreated a band of dancing Murlocs. The mod has recreated the Murlocs down to the tiniest details including all of their cute animations. You can check out a demonstration of the Murlocs in action below:

Spore was an ambitious god simulator created by Maxis, known for SimCity and The Sims, back in 2008. Although receiving excellent scores from many gaming publications, Spore lost hype almost immediately after launch due to bugs, DRM issues, and a lack of varied gameplay. However, it’s great to see that there’s still a modding community out there willing to create interesting new content with the platform.

Destiny Community Manager Clears up Content Confusion

With the conclusion of the Halloween Festival of the Lost and the introduction of the Sparrow Racing League, many Destiny players are worried that the rest of the content for Year Two will consist of limited time events. Many players were hoping for more substantial content to be announced at the PlayStation Experience in the form of DLC or new raids and missions. However, the lack of new content has made many players worried that Bungie is simply stalling until the sequel comes out, but community manager Eric Osborne would like to clear things up.

“We get it. Some of you were hoping we’d take the stage at PSX and announce ‘The Dark Below II: Darker and Lower’ (not a real project in development). Although you hopefully think Sparrow Racing League and the accompanying updates are fresh and fun, you’re worried about the “three week” thing, and what these events mean over the long term of Destiny as we get ready to close out the calendar year,” Osborne said.

According to Bungie’s recent news blog, the studio has tons of ideas for upcoming Destiny events in the near future and the first will start at the beginning of 2016. Although the first new event will be on the same scale as the Halloween event, the second release of 2016 will be the biggest update since the release of The Taken King. Unfortunately, Osborne couldn’t go into any more specific details because the team is still working out all the bugs.

The next event should start in about three weeks, and until then he hopes that all Destiny players are enjoying the Sparrow Racing League, which has already claimed the lives of 12 million Guardians and enemies.

Bob Ross Fan Club Dominates First Two Days of Enter the Storm

In usual fashion, Heroes of the Storm team Bob Ross Fan Club has absolutely crushed the competition in the recent Enter the Storm tournament. Taking place from December 11 – 14, the Enter the Storm tournament includes some of the best competitors from around the Heroes of the Storm league including 2Arc and Murloc Geniuses, but it was the Bob Ross Fan Club that truly shined.

enter the storm

By the end of the second day, the Bob Ross Fan Club was already waiting for a competitor in the finals with only a single loss to Murloc Geniuses throughout the event. Although they’re a fairly new team, the Bob Ross Fan Club is composed of top players including Kenma, Zuna, Arthelon, and Erho from previous teams like Tempo Storm and Cloud9 Vortex.

Currently, it doesn’t seem like any other team in the tournament really has a shot at taking them down, but we’ll still have to wait until the loser’s bracket is finished before the final series takes place. The winners will leave with $3,000 and a number of Roccat Peripherals.

Gloria Victis Adds PvP Tournament

A recent update for Gloria Victis includes a few gameplay and bug fixes, but one of the most important new features is the addition of the Valley of Death. The Valley of Death is a PvP tournament that allows Midlanders and Ismirs to form teams and participate in group battles. There are future plans to expand the tournament to other game modes and the development team is looking for input from players.

Other gameplay changes and fixes:

  • Implemented new mode “Valley of Death” – a regular PVP tournament between the teams of Midlanders and Ismirs which takes place regularly in a special location; for test purpose it starts every hour.
  • Decreased differences of dealt damage dealt resulting from the equipped armour.
  • Rebalanced HP of the NPC guards.
  • Increased levels of the Young Outlumbereds.
  • Increased amount of NPC guards required to kill in order to capture a flag up to 75%.
  • Included NPC civilians into the amount of guards required to kill in order to capture a flag.
  • Fixed many issues causing the instability of servers when players were crafting.
  • Improved communication between the servers and database.
  • Fixed issue causing that numerous recipes for the chain and plate gauntlets didn’t allow to select replacements of the padded gauntlets.

Earn Your Own Lightsaber in Star Wars: Uprising

In the mobile action RPG Star Wars: Uprising, the Jedi and Sith no long have a presence, but the force still remains. A recent update now allows players to unlock the powers of the force and obtain the unique Jedi weapon, the lightsaber, for the first time since the game’s launch.

“Star Wars: Uprising players have journeyed through an epic storyline across iconic locations including the planets Hoth and Cloud City, and unlocked new character classes, like Bounty Hunter and Diplomats. Now, players will embark on a quest to unlock the power of the Force, to be among the few elite to earn the galaxy’s ultimate weapon, the Lightsaber.”

Star Wars: Uprising takes place between Episode VI: Return of the Jedi and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Battles take place in real-time and players can work cooperatively with each other to take down the evil Empire.

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