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This has definitely been another exciting week for MMOs and eSports with events such as the return of Lunar Mode in World of Tanks and Colin Cowherd leaving ESPN. Here’s a look at few other important news events that didn’t quite make it into the rotation last week.


It appears that the focus was on summer this week as both Tera and Kritika have announced seasonal events. Kritika will release a new update later this week that features swimsuits for both players and NPCs. Apparently if you want to bring in more revenue, the key is to introduce more scantily clad women.


Hangout at the beach and build a sandcastle, or go fight evil snakes in a temple.

The event in Tera brings a bit more quality and content than simply adding a few cosmetic designs. Two summertime events have already been launched and will continue until Tuesday, August 25. The first event is the Festival of the Sun, which will take players to Balder’s Refuge where they will help the Consos Clan reclaim their temple. The Temple of the Sun has been overrun with snakes, and it’s the players’ job to clear them out. After the vermin have been cleared away, it’ll be time to clean up after them. The temple is apparently littered with Excrement, graffiti, and garbage, which means plenty of daily quests to make things sparkle and shine. Finally, players can cool off with ice treats, after they collect the required ingredients of course. The Festival of the Sun is designed for players at least level 58 and the quests are randomized each day.

If intense questing isn’t your thing, then there’s always the Beach Party at Dragonturtle Beach. There’s no level requirement for this party and the activities include splash cannon, watermelon and sandcastle mini-games. While participating in the festivities, players will earn points for spraying demons with water, smashing watermelons and building sandcastles. If players earn enough points they can acquire magic items that will let them permanently build sandcastles anywhere in the game.



Since the nationwide legalization in the United States, same-sex equality has been the frontrunner of many social events, including video games. Starting this week, the Dragon Slayer open beta will include a marriage system that supports both heterosexual and same-sex marriages. The game even offers unique marriage scenarios, quests and provides items such as rings and wedding dresses. Furthermore, the marriage system offers a few more lighthearted elements such as marriage by kidnapping and being able to perform couples specific skills. If it turns out you don’t like your new partner, then players also have the opportunity to get a divorce, but get breakup too many times and there will be penalties involved. In addition to the new marriage system, the level cap has been increased and new dungeon content has been added.

dragon slayer

Equal rights for everyone, even in video games.


A new study on behalf of Time seems to think so. According to the study of 1,400 children, most boys think that women need more realistic representations. Nearly 61% of high-school boys believed that women are too often objectified in video games and that females with stronger personalities would be a benefit to the world of gaming. The study also found that gender rarely plays a role when it comes to main character choices. Approximately 70% of girls and 78% of boys don’t care if they’re playing as a male or female protagonist. Furthermore, female gamers now represent a wide-spectrum of genres with 26% preferring first-person shooter, 36% play RPGs, and 17% stick to sports games.


One of the most popular franchises in Asia is planned to get some mobile attention. NCSoft has apparently teamed up with Netmarble to begin development on a mobile port for Lineage 2. Although Lineage 2 didn’t exactly see amazing success in North America, it’s still going strong in the East with an estimated 14 million players throughout its lifetime. According to NCSoft’s first quarter 2015 earnings, Lineage 2 is still earning a respectable amount of money (about half that of Guild wars 2), however the original Lineage is still overwhelmingly NCSoft’s top earning. The release date for Lineage 2 mobile is expected to be sometime next year.


Those anxiously awaiting the next installment of the Brothers in Arms series might be a little disappointed to find out that it’s been turned into a completely different game. According to Randy Pitchford, president of Gearbox Software, Battleborn evolved from Brothers in Arms: Furious 4. One clear piece of evidence is the character Montana, a brute wielding a mammoth machine gun, was supposed to be one of the four main characters in Furious 4, but he is now one of the 25 playable characters in Battleborn.

“Creative development is a trip. The idea that something that started as a Brothers in Arms game through some absurd convolution ended up as Battleborn is evidence of what’s possible,” Pitchford told IGN.

Brothers in Arms fans need not get their pitchforks and torches just yet, though. Gearbox has also announced that a new title for the franchise is already in the works.


Goodbye Furious 4, hello Battleborn.


Traditional sports players aren’t the only athletes who are liable for injury. Dr. Levi Harrison has seen a wave of eSports patients who play games such as League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The biggest problem comes from the repetitive motion of playing video games, and that can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow and stenosing tenosynovitis (trigger finger), which causes fingers to become bent in specific positions.

In order to treat patients, Dr. Harrison has players bring in their keyboard and mouse in order to observe how they play. Afterwards, he’ll suggest proper ergonomic positions and recommend stretches or exercises, depending on the types of motions involved.

“I know that some pro gamers have retired because of hand issues,” Dr. Harrison said. “In my mind, I always think I wish they had come to see me. Maybe we could have worked out a strategic, focused therapy plan to help them.

That concludes this weekend’s updates. For more on MMO news, stay tuned to MMOGames.com.

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