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Starting this weekend, Halloween is now in full swing for many popular MMOs. This is, of course, including the highly popular Guild Wars 2, which also saw the release of its first expansion, Heart of Thorns, on Friday. Of course, there’s also Hallow’s End taking place in World of Warcraft, always popular amongst the game’s inhabitants, and mobile sensation Fallout Shelter has received some festive updates as well.


This weekend marked both the launch of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns and The Shadow of the Mad King Halloween event. Whoever though of releasing both of these at the same time is clearly some sort of sadist because it was too much to handle for some players in the game. I had multiple guild members log in only to say they had no idea what to do or how to choose what to prioritize between the new story content, PvP rewards, holiday events, and masteries.

Guild Wars 2

Heart of Thorns seems to have launched without any major issues. New builds for the game have been released a few times each day, which points to ArenaNet staying on top of most game-breaking issues. It doesn’t take long for the new story to get interesting, and most players will be busy with the mastery system for quite a while, but masteries unlocks are account wide so you won’t have to grind with every character. Furthermore, the new Elite Specializations have definitely added some class variety, however, unlocking them will take some time. Each one will require 400 points to completely unlock and even though the new challenges grant 10 each, most of them are fairly difficult and will require a friend or two.

Even if you haven’t purchased the expansion, The Shadow of the Mad King presents a decent amount of exciting content. The Mad King’s Labyrinth is a great place to level new characters and farm trick-or-treat bags, which contain crafting material and Halloween-themed consumables. There’s also the Ascent to Madness dungeon where players can face King Oswald Thorn and The Mad King’s Clock Tower for those who enjoy jumping puzzles.

So be sure to put on your costume, carve some pumpkins and take on Mordremoth’s minions before it’s too late.


While Fallout 4 is just around the corner, Fallout Shelter is receiving a Halloween update of its own. The mobile hit is introducing holiday content in the form of shambling vault skeletons, creepy cobwebs, and costumes for your vault dwellers. Now you can watch your inhabitants live their lives as zombies, skeletons, sports stars, or even Jason Voorhees.

fallout shelter

Just like the original game, and all previous updates, the Halloween event is free for all players. Bethesda has stuck to selling only Fallout Shelter lunchboxes for real currency, which aren’t necessary to complete any aspect of the game. However, it’s reportedly still raking in the money as it made more than $5 million in its first two weeks, according to SuperData Research.


Initially only available to World of Warcraft players in Asia, developers were able to keep a new pet secret from North American and European players. After spending more than a month alone, Terky the Murloc was finally found in a submerged cave in Borean Tundra, which is essentially a wastelands as far as player population goes these days.

Now that fact that World of Warcraft has a new pet isn’t a huge deal, but the fact that it slipped by players is rather interesting. These days, it’s a rarity when a game as popular as World of Warcraft actually has secrets left to it. Normally, new patch notes are datamined or the millions of in-game players stumble upon any updates within the first day or two. However, Terky was able to avoid the Horde and Alliance since updated 6.2.2 in late August.

Terky World of Warcraft

While leveling up an alt character in Borean Tundra, a French players was the first to discover Terky and at the time didn’t even know it was something new. Of course, after this information became public knowledge there were swarms of players at the location. And now the secret cave is no longer a secret.


The holiday festivities wouldn’t be complete without Hallow’s End, and this year World of Warcraft is doing things a little different. Normally centered around capital cities, most of the events this year will involve players’ garrisons. Each day a new visitor will stop by and offer players four new quests including: Culling the Crew, Foul Fertilizer, Mutiny on the Boneship, and Smashing Squashlings. These quests will send players west of Socrethar’s Rise in Shadowmoon Valley and reward them with Spooky Supplies, which act as the event’s currency.

The Hallow’s End vendor is Izzy Hollyfizzle and offers the following rewards for Spooky Supplies:

  • Creepy Crawlers. A garrison decoration that will spawn spectral rats, maggots, and spiders. Can also spawn three new battle pets: Ghost Maggot, Ghastly Rat, and Spectral Spinner.
  • Tricky Treat. A “dangerously sweet” candy consumable.
  • Ghoulish Guises. Turns garrison guides into Ninjas, Leper Gnomes, Pirates, or Skeletons.
  • Hallow’s Glow. A garrison decoration package containing jack-o-lanterns, a burning wickerman, and candles.
  • Seer’s Invitation. Invites Spiritseer Ikalyi to your garrison, where he will put on a special show.
  • Witch’s Brew. A special consumable that will turn players into an Alemental.

If that wasn’t enough, garrisons also have a chance to spawn a rare spectral spider called Arachnis. Once killed, Arachnis will drop either a Sack of Spiders or Sack of Spectral Spiders. Both will unleash a torrent of creepy crawlers in the area, but the latter is a new toy that can be used indefinitely. Arachnis can be found patrolling between the mine and herb garden in Horde garrisons and is near the training dummies in Alliance camps.

world of warcraft hallow's end

Even though the focus is on garrisons this year, there are still the typical vendors outside of the capital cities that sell goods in exchange for Tricky Treats.

  • Hallowed Wand – Gargoyle: two Tricky Treats
  • Hallowed Wand – Nerubian: two Tricky Treats
  • Hallowed Wand – Wight: two Tricky Treats
  • Exquisite Costume Set: “Deathwing”: 200 Tricky Treats
  • Ancient Heirloom Armor Casing: 250 Tricky Treats
  • Timeworn Heirloom Armor Casing: 450 Tricky Treats

That concludes this weekend’s news. We hope everyone has a safe and exciting holiday. For more on MMOs, stay tuned to

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