Red Blood Online’s 1st successful testing

Gorilla Banana, a South Korean

games developer, has recently launched its first beta testing for the upcoming MMORPG, Red Blood Online. The story is closely based on the comic of the same title, serialized

for 7 years now in 10 different countries. Impressively, the Art Director for this project was also the same person responsible for the highly-popular game Magna Carta. This

person is none other than Hyung-Tae Kim, whose art was also utilized in the upcoming MMORPG Blade and Soul.

The test was held in a closed internet cafe,

inviting only friends and family members of the dev team. Around 50 people were in attendance during this occasion. The test purpose was to check game fluency and the

game looks, especially its closeness to its paper-and-pen predecessor. The test unveiled towns, maps, and battle systems. At the time of testing, only two classes were

available, a muscleman carrying a blunt weapon, and a sexy lady carrying a two-handed sword.

With this newcomer to the upcoming MMORPGs list, will

this be a threat to the Blade and Soul market?

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