Redditor Discovers an XP Cap in Destiny 2

Let’s say you’re level 20 and out in a patrol zone in Destiny 2, eating up public events and blowing away high-value targets as frequently as possible. Maybe you’ve noticed that there’s a lack of XP rewards whilst doing so. According to a Redditor’s findings, it’s not in your head; there appears to be a Destiny 2 XP cap that narrows your earnings.

destiny 2 xp cap

The investigation was sparked by the assumption from many players that post-20 XP earnings are deliberately withheld in order to make earning a Bright Engram through gameplay longer and thus trying to lead players to buying Silver from the in-game store to buy Engrams.

Reddit user EnergiserX went through a great deal of number-crunching in order to uncover the apparent algorithm. They recorded a week’s worth of their Hunter gameplay, the amount of XP earned towards a Bright Engram in Destiny Item Manager, and noted chains of XP earned and a timestamp of when that earning appeared on-screen on a spreadsheet. By EnergiserX’s calculations, the XP progress bar on the bottom of the screen is 360 pixels long, which translates to a total of 80,000XP or 222.8 XP – rounded up to 225XP – per pixel.

EnergiserX then ran three tests; one where they played normally, another taking on public events, and a third with an intentional reduced rate of enemy kills. During the first test, the player found that 56% of their XP was earned after a patrol mission and 48% earned after a public event. The second test showed even more dramatic falloff, with only about 6% of XP earned after a public event and 4% XP earned after a “moving against each other”-style event.

The third test showed a 1:1 ratio of XP earnings as the player slowed their pace, killing enemies one at a time and waiting for the XP chain to bank before moving on.

In conclusion, the player finds that those who are gunning down enemies at a high rate of speed could see as much as 95% of their XP held back, and even completing a public event could trigger the cap, with 50% of end-of-event XP earnings actually arriving to the player. The findings are available in graph form here.

Our Thoughts

Assuming the margin for error in these findings is reasonable enough, then this confirmation of an XP cap algorithm could go down very poorly with players, especially those who like to grind in order to earn Bright Engrams. Unless Bungie elects to respond to this post, perhaps the best thing to do in the meantime is to lessen one’s pace…though that advice will likely just infuriate folks even more.

Source: Reddit via VG247

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