Release 53 of Shroud of the Avatar Goes Live

In the first post-early access update, Shroud of the Avatar Release 53 is offering up another big bundle of adjustments. Players can now look forward to story polish, new scenes, loot improvements, and a variety of other improvements that are, frankly, too long to list in an opening paragraph.

shroud of the avatar release 53

As ever, Release 53 includes more side quests, balance, and dialogue options to the game. The update will also add backer NPCs to Northwood and Brittany Wharfs, along with continued work on rebuilding scenes, with two more scenes granted a pirate theme.

Release 53 also lets group leaders open up their groups to a public Looking For Group listing, a variety of loot improvements, virtue effects for player gear, and the addition of heraldry patterns to the game’s addon store and Crown Merchants.

As usual, the patch notes for this release read much like a light novel, so devote a little while and give ’em a look if you haven’t done so already.

Our Thoughts

There’s genuinely nothing more that can be expounded on with this update other than to be impressed by the pace and overall size of each Shroud of the Avatar release, so we’ll just close out like we often do and wish fans of this MMO a good time in the new update.

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