Relive the Glory of Atlantis in Altis Gates

Relive the Glory of Atlantis in Altis Gates

The great philosopher Plato once spoke about the marvel of a sunken island in his dialogues, Timaeus and Critias. He wrote of a majestic civilization that sank below the waves, taking with it many marvels of the ancient world. Well, that mystical city may be lost forever, but at Altis Gates (, you will be reliving the glory of Atlantis once more.

Legend has it that the Atlantian palace was built upon pillars of gold and protected by walls made of lustrous platinum. What is left of these sparkles of the past now is a mere faded map in black and white.

This ancient spectacle will rise from the waves once more, in the land of Altis. Using tons of game gold, monstrous manpower, and requiring the grandiose ambition of Altis Gates’ GMs, this civilization will shine once more! With a thriving community already wandering the lands of Altis, and many more days left in the Closed Beta, it won’t be long before warriors once again set foot on the gilded streets of history greatest mystery!     

Join us now and relive the glory of Atlantis, only in Altis Gates!

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