Rend Checks In with an Alpha Test Progress Report

By all accounts, the Rend alpha test has been a rather productive bit of development for the factional survival sandbox MMO. The devs have written up a progress report outlining several updates made to the game’s alpha build to this point as well as offering a brief word about the game’s upcoming early access.

rend alpha test

Six patches’ worth of updates to Rend’s alpha have seen a variety of fixes to some rather off-the-wall experiences, including a torch that somehow made its wielder invisible and turrets that went rogue and attacked their own creators. The updates have also provided some more lasting gameplay tweaks as well, with the recent Reckoning patch prompting plans to adjust Control Points in the game.

In the next major update to Rend’s alpha, the game’s map will see a number of changes. For starters, the faction starting point is being moved to a new location entirely, which should help the game’s map progression, new player experience and Reckoning PvP improve.

As for early access, the devs promise that “Steam Early Access” isn’t shorthand for “half-baked game shoved out the door for maximum ROI”. “Our standard for entering Early Access on Steam is simple: the game must be in a state such that if we were to never touch its code ever again, Rend would be considered a finished, complete game worth its buy-to-play-only price,” reads the post.

Our Thoughts

We’ll see regarding Rend’s early access built, but until then it certainly sounds like the game’s alpha testing is going along extremely well. We’re definitely looking forward to further updates as Rend pushes on at pace with alpha.

Source: official site

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