Rend Announces Two New Gameplay Modes

While the gameplay beats of regular Rend are fine enough, it’s nice to switch things up just a little bit. It’s this realization that has brought two new Rend gameplay modes to the multiplayer survival sandbox: Classic and Exploration.

rend gameplay modes

Classic will brings a factionless PvP experience, with players laying siege to bases, waging in-game wars, and chasing player bounties. Exploration, on the other hand, is more PvE focused, with player and base attacking disengaged. Players will be able to create Clans to band together in both modes. The original game mode will now be called Faction War.

Regardless of the mode you play, Ascension Points will now be a global character affair instead of per server. There will also be changes to the way players gather Research Sparks, with different families of creatures dropping one of the four Spark types. Mysticism, Invention, and Construction sparks will still be generated by their associated activities, though Sparks will no longer drop from any harvesting nodes.

The two new game modes and the tweaks to Sparks are due to come with Update 6, which is tentatively coming this month. For now, the game’s PTR is currently running tests for both modes. Information on how to partake in that test can be found here, and a dev blog regarding all of these changes can be read here.

Our Thoughts

Considering that the fortunes of Worlds Adrift changed the moment they decided to add PvE mode, we suspect that Rend’s new game modes will perhaps further entice people to hop into this early access title and take a look. Time will tell if this is indeed the case or if the devs are being spread a bit too thin.

Source: press release

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