Results of Ship of Heroes FPS Tests Shared by the Devs

Nobody likes to play a game with choppy framerates, especially MMOs with lots of people milling about. So if recent Ship of Heroes FPS tests are anything to go by, this in-development MMO could run like some pretty smooth butter, even with multiple heroes on-screen.

ship of heroes fps tests

The tests in question are the subject of a tech-focused dev blog, which shares FPS values achieved during in-studio tests and outlines the processes the devs have used to achieve their high FPS values. The tests touched on a number of scenarios, including heroes simply being near one another or heroes in a raid-like scenario with numerous enemies.

In synopsis, the tests showed that a pretty impressive number of models can be on-screen overall: 50 heroes in one place saw FPS values of 64 FPS, while the raid scenario with 60 heroes and 60 enemies ran at 42 FPS. The tests did ramp things up to as high as 240 models, and even ran some tests for older machines as well.

Ultimately, the tests show that the game’s planned 50-player invasions with 50-70 total enemies should be successful in terms of performance. Additionally, the team believes a login test with 50-100 unique heroes in one small space could go similarly well. You can get into the nuts and bolts on the blog post itself.

Our Thoughts

Yep, that does indeed bode well from a performance standpoint, all things considered. It definitely would be good to know this game is as optimized as it can be for as many machines as possible, because everyone deserves to feel like a superhero.

Source: official site via Ship of Heroes press email

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