Revelation Online Closed Beta Gets Pushed Back

Due to some client stability issues discovered by the QA team, Netease and have made the decision to delay the Revelation Online closed beta.


According to the announcement, the delay is meant to allow Revelation Online to be shown off in the best state possible. “Even though slated as a ‘test phase’, putting the project at risk of being met with mixed feelings could ultimately hurt what we all contributed to build together so far,” reads the post. “While many testers would be inclined to forgive such an ordeal in early stage testing, we must take into account that it would risk leaving a bitter first impression of Revelation Online for some of you.”

In order to correct the issues that were discovered, CBT1 will be pushed back until November 3rd. In the meantime, testers are able to install a pre-download file which includes texture data ahead of the test. The team are also considering ways to offer compensation to “rub off the bitter memory of 25th of October”, though nothing has been officially announced yet.

Our Thoughts

Closed beta tests can often be used by players to determine whether or not they will ultimately purchase a game instead of using them to test systems, so we appreciate the developer’s decision to push back CBT1. Here’s hoping the delay will be enough for the team to isolate the game’s stability issues.

Your Thoughts

Are you upset by the delay, or do you agree with the decision? Do you use beta tests as a trial period, or do you go in to a beta with the intention of testing? Give us your thoughts below in the comments.

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