Revelation Online Early Access Kicks Off

It’s essentially launch for Founder’s Pack owners as Revelation Online early access has officially started. The world of Nuanor has opened for early adopters of the MMORPG along with some details on a few gifts offered to CBT2 participants.

revelation online early access

Early access, naturally, means no wipes to the game, so all character progress will be maintained from this point forward. After the early access period, Revelation Online will kick off its open beta on the following Monday, March 6th.

For those who were part of the second closed beta test before December 23rd, a pair of Winter Gifts is also being distributed in addition to any other rewards or special items associated with the different Founder’s Pack tiers.

Founders are directed to either download the game from a download page or simply update their installs via the Game Center. A trailer heralding the game’s early access can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

It looks like it won’t be long before Revelation Online is open to all, but in the meantime, we expect that early access players will be paving the way as they gobble up content and then wonder why new players don’t know fight mechanics yet.

Your Thoughts

Will you be joining in on the Revelation Online early access launch, or are you waiting on the open beta instead? Would you rather hear impressions from players before doing either? Let us know in the comments.

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