Revelation Online MOBA Game Mode Released

In a time when every other studio is looking at how to either get on the Battle Royale bandwagon or the Pokemon Go, Augmented Reality bandwagon, the makers of Revelation Online have decided to go back a couple of trends with a Revelation Online MOBA game mode.

The game mode is a competitive 5v5 mode in which players can pick from a variety of iconic NPC heroes from Revelation Online. It has the tradition 3 lane setup that MOBA veterans will all be very familiar with. Destroying the enemy team’s crystal is the ultimate goal of the game, though of course getting rewards is pretty sweet too.

These days you don’t see many new MOBAs being released. During their height of popularity, you couldn’t go a day without a new one being announced. Sadly, most MOBAs didn’t live very long before they were shut down due to low population. EA’s Dawngate was perhaps one of the most famous to shut down during that time. Since the end of the boom though you don’t see MOBAs mentioned all that often anymore. So seeing that Revelation Online has a MOBA mode now was certainly a surprise. Was it something they had started planning back when the genre was at the height of its popularity? Maybe they’re hoping to grab people who are unsatisfied with the current MOBA options. Or maybe the devs just thought it would be a fun addition to the game. Whichever the case may be we’re now seeing the fruits of their labor and what a surprise it is.

The MOBA game mode was released as part of Revelation Online’s Mythical Conflict expansion which focuses entirely on this new mode and is now live. If you’re interested in seeing the new mode in action check out the trailer below.


Source: Press Release

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