Revelation Online’s Safe Haven Update Goes Live

Time to pick up the keys to your own private apartment on the back of a giant turtle. Welcome to the Revelation Online Safe Haven update, which is officially launching today with an entire week’s worth of celebration to help players dress up their new space.

revelation online safe haven

As revealed previously, Safe Haven refers to the ability for level 40 players to buy their own private apartment and decorate it with over 160 different furnishings in a variety of styles.

In celebration of the update, Revelation Online is having a week-long event where players can complete daily objectives to earn rewards. Among these rewards are Housing Boxes, which contain items for player homes. There will also be a daily login campaign that grants players free gifts simply for showing up.

The Safe Haven update is live now, and the Celebration Week will run from now until Wednesday, August 16th. A trailer showcasing the new Safe Haven feature can be viewed below.

Our Thoughts

We have to say, the elegance of the furnishings in Revelation Online’s housing system is pretty remarkable. We hope that players of this MMO appreciate having a place to call their own in-game and that the new social space becomes a fun meeting spot for the socially-minded player.

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