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Riders of Icarus Takes a November Sneak Peek

Riders of Icarus is still going strong, and the rest of the month is looking like a busy one for Familiars in the game according to a recent November sneak peek.


November is all about the pets, as several new systems are arriving to keep the myriad critters you collect busy.

A Familiar Farm feature will be added, allowing you to stable your Familiars to earn special buffs or grant them experience. Max-level Familiars will also be able to go on Familiar Adventures, where they’ll take on dungeon excursions that could reward players with special items upon success. Finally, max-level Familiars can undergo Tempering, which will permanently boost stats like speed, power or stamina.

Familiars won’t be the only focus of November, as an upcoming Light’s Banner Festival will be on the way as well. Details of the event are sparse, but the post does mention that attendance to the event will provide rewards, and a special blessing bestowed on players will be available to improve the success of Tempering or finding rare treasures.

The November Sneak Peek post can be seen here.

Our Thought

We love the variety of systems arriving to help players manage their Familiars. Collecting critters is a focal point of Riders of Icarus, and having ways to make that collection more rewarding and more powerful are definitely welcome. We’re looking forward to the rest of the month in this game!

Your Thoughts

Which Familiar system are you most intrigued by? Are you curious about the Light’s Banner Festival? Give us your thoughts below.

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