Rift is alive and well, according to developers

According to the development team, RIFT is doing quite well and isn’t going away any time in the near future.


In somewhat of a trollish fashion, the question about RIFT’s well being was brought up on the official forums. The original poster, by the name of Almarean, claimed that “the end is near” for RIFT and accused Trion of funneling money into ArcheAge. Normally posts like this are simply written off by community managers, but community team member Ocho decided to put any rumors to rest.

So let’s get to some facts:

• The RIFT Dev team is the largest Dev team I’ve ever worked with in almost a decade of working on triple A MMOs.
• The team has grown over the last year and a half, and hiring for the team continues.
• Population in RIFT is strong, lots of people play RIFT and lots of new people continue to start to play RIFT.
• Profits from RIFT are certainly reinvested in RIFT. AA took 0 devs from RIFT. None, nada, zilch.
• RIFT is in zero danger. We’re really excited about the future, right now is a great time to be playing or working on RIFT.

He went on to address future complains such as why content is being reused, guilds have less people, and communities are apparently shrinking. MMOs simply have so much content that it’s a waste not to reuse it from time to time. RIFT isn’t simply just rehashing old content, however, they’re using it in conjunction with new updates.

Decreasing guild and friend numbers is just something that happens with MMOs. Players find different games to play or real life gets in the way. Ocho suggested that the population was currently “healthy” and that it’s important for guilds to constantly recruit in order to stay active.

“RIFT is an incredibly important game to us.“

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