RIFT Previews Rogue and Primalist Legendary Powers

RIFT’s Starfall Prophecy will be introducing some new powers to each of the game’s Souls, and the most recent preview offered players a glimpse at the upcoming Rogue and Primalist Legendary Powers that will be available in the expansion.


Each Soul for each Calling will be able to select up to three different Legendary Powers, which provide improvements to some existing abilities. The post offered one example of these choices for each Soul in the Rogue and Primalist tree, like a Legendary Thread of Death which gives Assassins their entire suite of Stealth abilities out of stealth, or a Legendary Tsunami that lets Typhoons keep the power running an extra second for each time Turmoil is consumed.

Future blog posts will showcase some of the Legendary Powers for other classes like the Cleric and the Warrior. In the meantime, the current preview of Rogue and Primalist powers can be seen on the RIFT website.

Our Thoughts

Legendary Powers are a great way of providing a means of progression without simply adding even more abilities to an already clogged hotbar. We love the concept and hope that the sysem will give players of RIFT some new and exciting options.

Your Thoughts

Do you like the idea of having existing powers improved, or do you think expansions should add completely new powers? What are your thoughts on the example Legendary Powers? Tell us your thoughts below.

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