The RIFT Prime Server is Now Open

For those who pine for the old days back when RIFT was declaring that players weren’t going to be in Azeroth anymore, now is the time. Today is officially RIFT Prime launch day, opening up the game’s subscription-only progression server and rolling back the game to its vanilla version.

rift prime launch

As detailed previously when Prime was first announced, the new Vigil server will offer players the opportunity to re-enter the game world with a maximum level 50 cap and content that lead into the threat of the original Great Dragons.

According to the newly-posted patch notes, the new Prime server will be a challenge, as Patron benefits will not be applied to characters created on Vigil. Additionally, players can only create two characters on the server and cannot purchase additional slots. That said, there will also be no loot boxes, boosts, or other game store items as promised before.

The new Prime server update also adds a few tweaks to the current RIFT game with patch 4.4, including a couple of minor tweaks to the Warlock and Bladedancer Souls, along with some small adjustments to Raid Rifts, a couple of the game’s quests, and a reduction of the vendor value of crafted Glyphs.

Patch notes for what’s new, however meager that may be, can be seen on the game’s regular forums, while Prime players will likely want to keep their eyes on the RIFT Prime forums, which are read-only for all but only accessible for posting if you’re a Patron.

Our Thoughts

And so it begins. The trip back in time when RIFT players formed impromptu free mount caravans and dashed about the zone sealing up the Rifts that would open up around the map. We definitely hope that those players who have decided to leap into RIFT Prime have a good time!

Source: official forums

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