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Riot Games Refuses to Budge on Forced Arbitration

Earlier this month employees of Riot Games held a walkout in protest over the company’s forced use of arbitration in a handful of lawsuits the company is facing. We did an extensive deep dive into the events that led up to the walkout. At the end of the walkout one of the organizers, Jocelyn Monahan said that if Riot doesn’t make a commitment on the forced arbitration before May 16th she and others involved in the walkout would take further action. May 16th was selected because that was the next scheduled town hall style company meeting, something Riot holds biweekly. The May 16th meeting has now been held and they have released a statement. In their statement Riot has announced that they will continue to hold their current stance. “Ultimately, given the complexities of ongoing litigation, we will not change our employee agreements while in active litigation.” The statement also goes on to talk about their 90-day plan and how well it is going for them. They’re also introducing a new program called the D&I Rioters Council and they have invited a group of employees to take part in reviewing aspects of their code of conduct.

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Kotaku, who originally broke the story about the problems in Riot Games, reached out to Jocelyn Monahan. “We’re disappointed leadership doesn’t seem to be considering any major changes to their active policy. That said, we’re blown away by the passion, solidarity, and vulnerability that workers who support the walkout are showing. As we continue to pressure Riot to end forced arbitration, we are leveraging that teamwork and solidarity by involving more coworkers in the effort.” So there still aren’t any concrete details from her about what they will be doing next but it is likely that we will hear something about it this week.


Source: Riot Games Official Site, Kotaku

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