Rocket League Gets Clubs and XP Refinement in Next Update

Playing matches of Rocket League just for the sake of playing them is fun enough, certainly, but perhaps a sense of progress is what helps motivate you. If you happen to be that type of player, than the upcoming Rocket League Progression Update is going to give you the carrot to chase, along with a new Clubs mechanic to let friends form up.

rocket league progression update

Like its name implies, the Progression Update will refine the game’s current XP earnings system, removing the current level cap of 75 and flattening XP needed for leveling up. Every time you level up, you’ll get a random item of Uncommon quality or better, while Common items will be unlocked for a particular slot after hitting a certain threshold of matches played. In both cases, these earnings apply to online matches only.

The new update will also introduce Clubs, a guild-like feature that lets up to 20 players form a rocket car football club of their own complete with custom club colors. More information on how Clubs work will be revealed in a dev blog later.

These features, along with some new achievements, trophies and quality-of-life features, are due to arrive Wednesday, August 29th. The week after that, the new Rocket Pass will go live. More information can be read at the game’s site.

Our Thoughts

These features aren’t what one would call “hot ticket” like new cars or arenas, but they’re very likely going to be appreciated by regular players of Rocket League regardless. After all, forming up a squad of reliable friends and teammates has got to be useful.

Sources: press release, official site

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