Rocket League Reveals The Fate of the Furious DLC

Whether you think much of the movie or not, the just-announced Fate of the Furious DLC coming to Rocket League is pretty cool. And no, we didn’t intentionally make an ice pun referencing the all new Dodge Ice Charger vehicle included with the pack. Promise.

fate of the furious dlc

The Ice Charger is the feature of the new collaborative DLC; a Battle Car that comes with six different Wheels and a variety of unique Decals, all for the price of $1.99. The vehicle itself is an officially licensed inclusion and is modeled after the car driven by Vin Diesel’s character Dom Toretto in the movie.

The DLC will be available on April 4th. A trailer showing off the new ride can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

When you think about it, this collaborative effort between the movie and Rocket League isn’t really too off-the-wall. Both titles feature cars doing completely insane things to the tune of a rather hyperactive soundtrack. The Charger is a mean-looking piece of vehicle, so that alone might be interesting on its own. Are you one of the players who will be picking up this new DLC?

Source: press release

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