Rooster Teeth launches RWBY Hack-n-slash Game

Fans of the Rooster Teeth RWBY animated web series will be delighted to know that a new game based on the show just entered early access on Steam.


On Tuesday, RWBY: Grimm Eclipse became available through early access on Steam. The game features hack-n-slash combat with up to 4-player co-op.

“The animated series RWBY has an amazing community of devoted fans and dedicated gamers that have dreamed of a RWBY game for years now. We are a small team within Rooster Teeth that has worked day and night to make this dream become a reality.”

RWBY is expected to be in early access for 8-10 months before the game has an official release. Currently, the game has made the first of three campaigns available, which has four levels to explore.


  • 4 Player Online Co-op Multiplayer
  • Choose between Ruby, Weiss, Blake or Yang as playable characters
  • MOBA style micro-progression. Each character has a unique skill tree of special abilities they can level up
  • Several levels spanning across the world of Remnant
  • NEW storyline unique to the game
  • NEW locations never before seen in the show
  • NEW enemy types
  • NEW villain
  • Loads of unlocks, rewards, and achievements

Our Thoughts:

Rooster Teeth and the RWBY series has a huge following that will definitely be attracted to this game. Those looking to support the development should get into the game early, as the cost will rise closer to completion.

Source: Steam

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