Rumor: Blizzard is Working on a Warcraft Mobile Game

We’ve got another job posting rumor to report today! This time it’s surrounding word of a Warcraft mobile game of some description, as Blizzard has posted a job opening in relation to the in-development project.

warcraft mobile game

The job posting is for an FX artist familiar with Unity for an unannounced project for mobile. Along with all of the usual bells and whistles one would expect in the requirements section, one among the list is a standout: “Passion for creating imagery synonymous with the Warcraft IP”.

While there aren’t many more details on the Warcraft-related mobile game in question, we can at least say that it’s likely not specific to Hearthstone due to a lack of mention of the mobile CCG in the job listing.

Our Thoughts

So bearing that in mind, the possibilities are certainly endless. Are we going to see the original RTS move to mobile? Will this be tied with World of Warcraft in some manner? Is it going to be an entirely different game like a Pokemon GO? Honestly, there are quite a few directions this could all go, but perhaps the most important question is this: would you want to play a mobile Warcraft game?

Source: Blizzard Careers via NeoGAF/

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