Rumor: Destiny 2 Release Date Leaked by Promo Posters

Either we’re in for yet another hoax or fans are really eager to blow the lid off of Bungie’s plans; a pair of images making their way around the internet appear to show promotional posters revealing the Destiny 2 release date.

destiny 2 release date

The images in question come by way of NeoGAF and appear to be from Italian gaming store locations. Both of the shared images show posters for the sequel announcing a September 8th release date. The image above also appears to mention something regarding “the beta in advance”, perhaps referring to beta access via pre-order.

The date lines up with details offered to investors during a conference call that mentioned a launch sometime in the Autumn. As of this writing, there has been no official response from Bungie regarding these materials.

Our Thoughts

So these images look pretty legit, near as we can tell: all of the PlayStation and other official livery appears to be in the right place, and the key art on display is not something that is widely available or something that can be immediately found by searching. We might have the real thing here. Maybe.

Your Thoughts

Do you think this leak is legit or have you been burned by stories like this so often that you’re dulled to anything calling itself a leak? Does a September release date sound plausible? Give us your impressions in the comments below.

Source: NeoGAF via VG247

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