Rumors of The Division Being Delayed

It is being rumored that The Division, Ubisoft’s primarily console based MMO will have a delayed launch sometime in 2015. These rumors come from who reportedly spoke with someone on the development team for The Division. This source is claimed to have said that they have only just finished working on the graphics technology and had not even started to build the game or the world itself. Additionally, the studio is said to be unhappy with Ubisoft over the early premiere date which is currently said to be sometime in Fall of 2014.

If all of this is true it follows two other delays by Ubisoft on their highly anticipated upcoming games Watch Dogs and The Crew. In addition to Rainbow 6: Patriots being completely remade.

The Division debuted at E3 2013 and looked to be the start of a golden year for Ubisoft. But with delays, restarts, and rumors 2014 could turn out to be a less than stellar year for the company. MMOGames will keep a close eye on the ongoing events around this and update this post as soon as we know more. To find out more, visit the game page.

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