Runescape Introduces Cops and Robbers Heist Mini Game

A new mini game has been introduced to Runescape. Heist is available to members only and allows players to take on one of two roles. In the first grab a disguise and set off in search of loot while avoiding anyone looking for crooks. Or go undercover to seek out those breaking the law.

Get bonus XP in Hunter and Thieving while you take part.

Runescape Heist

There are two ways to get started. First climb the airship ladder north of Falador. There pick between a public game or join friends for a private one. The game will begin when there are 2-5 players for each side. Robbers then head to the bank, get the loot and try to get back to their starting location while the guards chase after them. Robbers can click on any NPC on the map to make themselves look like them.

Runescape Heist Players

Everyone’s favorite childhood game has finally made its way into an MMO and we couldn’t be happier.

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