RuneScape Just Got a Little more Dangerous With DarkScape

A new experimental RuneScape version launched today, and it comes in the form of DarkScape. DarkScape is playable for free, and it’s a new twist on RuneScape as it throws the game into chaos, giving players free reign for intense combat and ruthless trade wars.

DarkScape takes RuneScape’s wealth of content and changes the fundamental rules to create a whole new experience that isn’t possible in RuneScape itself. DarkScape encourages emergent gameplay of the most devious kind. Have you ever dreamed of forming a roaming clan of bandits? Then DarkScape is the place to do it!

RuneScape 2

Even though the game’s based on RuneScape, it’s very much its own game. There are some awesome ideas for the future of DarkScape content, and there will be changes made, directly inspired on how people play the game. Several features in DarkScape include:

Open-World PvP

  • PvP applies everywhere in DarkScape. You can be attacked at any time, in any part of the world.
  • The level difference at which you can be attacked increases rapidly as you travel away from major settlements, and deactivates entirely in the most dangerous areas.
  • Major cities are patrolled by powerful NPC guards, who will attack anyone who’s skulled. But actually, nowhere is truly safe.

Three Economies

  • Everywhere in the world falls into one of three regions: low, medium and high risk.
  • Each of the three regions has its own, separate Grand Exchange and Bank – with greatly limited space.
  • The higher the risk of the region, the more valuable resources and lucrative content you’ll find there.

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Difficult and Dangerous Travel

  • Teleportation of any kind between regions isn’t possible while carrying items.
  • All teleports take time to cast, and home teleports can be interrupted by combat.
  • World hopping takes time and can be interrupted, much like teleportation.

A Level Field

  • Everyone starts at level 1, and progress in RuneScape doesn’t affect DarkScape.
  • Combat is locked to Legacy Mode.
  • Gear above level 75 requirement gives greatly reduced stat returns, compared to RuneScape.
  • All content can be accessed by free players, even the members-only content from RuneScape.
  • Being a RuneScape member gives you +50% XP, improved drops, double bank space and double items kept on death.

Make sure to watch the DarkScape launch video below:

What do you think of this more hardcore version of RuneScape? Will you be playing it, or are you just sticking to the RuneScape you know and love?

Source: DarkScape Official Website

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