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The Russians are Invading World of Warships

A new line of Russian destroyers are scheduled to join the World of Warships armada with their hard-hitting cannons and phenomenal accuracy, on October 19. In addition to the new Russian ships, the previously revealed German cruisers will also see action.

According to an official World of Warships post, players can expect the Russian destroyers to be agile, powerful and durable. Combing all of those aspects could lead to a few over-powered variants, but we can’t be sure until the full details are revealed.

“We’re looking forward to letting players command this line of Soviet destroyers,” says Daniil Volkov, World of Warships Development Director. “These additions will open up some distinct vessels for commanders to discover and leverage in combat.”

Joining the Germany roster will be an array of cruisers including the Bismark, Tirpitz, Hermelin and Dresden. Gamescom attendees were the first to get their hands on these historic powerhouses, but they should be available for all players after their October release.

This announcement comes just 5 days after the official launch of the game. Scheduling new content to be released just a month after launch is a fairly quick turnaround for a new title. Hopefully World of Warships will continue to see updated content at a consistent rate.

Source: Wargaming

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