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Saga of Lucimia Directs You to the Bulletin Board

So let’s say you’re looking for some Saga of Lucimia group activity, but you’re not part of a guild or otherwise friends with anyone who plays. What do you do? You check out the bills posted on the tavern’s bulletin board. And don’t you dare suggest a group finder, because the devs will probably smack you for that.

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This week’s post from the devs is yet another diatribe on how MMO players who take advantage of convenience features like a group finder are missing the point. “[Saga of Lucimia] is a living, breathing world populated with living, breathing human beings, every single one of whom is worthy of your time and friendship. But you, the individual, have to be willing to break out of that shell to find these friendships,” challenges the post.

Cut through the paragraphs and you’ll find the suggestion of a bulletin board’s postings referred to as the way for players of Saga of Lucimia to form up and take on the adventures waiting in the world. The bulletin board will be located in a town’s tavern and will provide details on group events and guilds in the immediate local area, making the tavern a central hub for anything a player wants to do in the area as well as a place for potential friends to be found.

“There’s a lot to be said for modernity, but we like to know the people across the table from us,” closes the post. “For us, community trumps convenience every day of the week.”

Our Thoughts

The post in question makes a lot of assumptions about the friendly nature of MMORPG players in an open setting. If my personal years of general chat in MMOs are anything to go by, people are going to have pretty strong opinions on who can or cannot join their group, not “raise a mug to grand adventures”. That said, perhaps things will be more accommodating in Saga of Lucimia. We just won’t know until actual gameplay happens.

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