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Saga of Lucimia Discusses MMORPG Player Toxicity

While PvP sandboxes and competitive multiplayer games are very often held up as the model for toxicity, PvE players are no less guilty of being digital jackasses. To that point, the latest Saga of Lucimia blog post is all about player toxicity, how MMORPGs used to get it right, and how they’re approaching the inevitable matter of bad actors in their game.

saga of lucimia blog post

According to the developer op-ed, the solution was already in place in the form of active GM enforcement. However, as game companies cared less about their own policies and more about profits, GM enforcement fell to the wayside, leading to self-minded players and guilds to take over.

What does this all have to do with Saga of Lucimia? A great deal, as the post goes on to explain that they will take enforcement of “play nice policies” very seriously.

“Toxicity will not be accepted in any form, and we will absolutely be holding players to a certain standard of general niceness when it comes to playing alongside their fellow gamers. It’s not just about racial slurs or mom jokes; it’s about players who go out of their way to be idiots and jerks just because they think they can get away with it because they sit behind a computer screen with anonymity.”

While there was no express admittance that Saga of Lucimia will have active GM involvement like the EQ days of yore, they did state they will enforce a sort of “three strikes” policy for those actively seeking to screw over others; first with a warning, then a temporary ban, then a permanent one.

Our Thoughts

Accountability is without a doubt missing from a lot of multiplayer and MMO games, though the argument can certainly be said that a game like Saga of Lucimia could be dealing with a smaller playerbase and therefore a more manageable number of people than a game like League of Legends or Overwatch. Still, we certainly appreciate their low level of tolerance when it comes to in-game toxicity and are hoping to see such decisiveness in action.

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