Sea of Thieves Details End Game, Post-Launch Updates, and Microtransactions

Don’t you just love embargo drop day? That’s the case for a whole chest-full of Sea of Thieves information hitting the internet, as the swashbuckling piratical MMO has opened up about late-game progression, that whole “being a pirate legend” thing, and how the game intends to support itself post-launch.

sea of thieves information

Moment-to-moment gameplay is, as described previously, focused on improving your reputation with one of three in-game factions for greater Voyages and similarly greater rewards, along with whatever else one finds in the ocean – including the confirmed existence of the Kraken, which is described as a rare “force of nature” event. But what’s ultimately the point? The idea of “pirate legend” isn’t just PR spin, but an actual attainable status if you increase rep with all three factions.

Legend status will allow players access to Legendary Voyages – the game’s semi-equivalent of MMO raids that can be shared with others regardless of their own rep – along with access to a secret hideout…assuming, of course, players discover said hideout.

In addition to Legendary Voyages, a Legend-tier character will get to own their own unique sailing vessel, complete with its own unique model and hinted-at features that other ships don’t have such as the potential ability to earn reputation of its own kind.

sea of thieves information

That said, Legend status will, inevitably, be the new normal as the game’s life wears on, so the devs will be introducing future updates that add more for Legends to do as the game’s timeline moves into the Golden Age of Piracy along with smaller free updates that will add new items, new islands, and even limited-time events.

Post-launch, Sea of Thieves will offer a major content update within the game’s first three months of release. That update will also herald the arrival of the game’s microtransactions model, though executive producer Joe Neate stressed that “anything in this area will not impact power or progression, and you’ll always know what you’re getting – so that means no loot crates”.

The game store will use a paid currency that can be earned in-game, and plans for store items include pets as well as items that temporarily alter your character model. The intention for the game store’s items is to bring “emotional value, not mechanical value”.

Our Thoughts

There is a whole lot to unpack from Sea of Thieves here, but the first thing we definitely can remark is that there looks like a lot more to do than what people perhaps first assumed of the game. This is probably the information that will have those on the fence about Sea of Thieves leaning forward with perhaps increased interest. Now…bring me that horizon (of open beta)!

Source: IGN

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