Sea of Thieves Release Date Confirmed

Well, they said it would be “in our best pirate interests” to tune in to The Game Awards, and indeed it was. Fans of the seafaring multiplayer sandbox now have a Sea of Thieves release date locked down along with the ability to pre-order the title and, of course, a new trailer to go along with it all.

sea of thieves release date

The announcement came as part of a variety of other adverts that were broadcast during the awards show as opposed to its own premiere spot or other specific highlight. That said, the trailer that was shown included some more gameplay footage and the final release date of Tuesday, March 20th, 2018.

Sea of Thieves is available for pre-order on the Microsoft store at a cost of $59.99. The pre-order includes a Black Dog pack with unique cosmetic items and offers a chance at the game’s closed beta according to the item description. A date for that closed beta was not part of the trailer and has yet to be revealed as of this writing.

Still, we have a release date, and you can see it for yourself along with other swashbuckling antics in the trailer below.

Our Thoughts

It’s almost funny how casually the trailer arrived during The Game Awards, but it’s also just the sort of thing we were hoping would be announced during the show. Obviously, we’re pretty excited for this one, though we also have to assume that there will be opinions on the game’s $60 price tag.

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